About Granny Flats in Victoria

Granny flats in Victoria are regulated by law and more formally called a Dependent Person's Unit (DPU). As the name implies, only one person may live in a granny flat, and that person must be a dependent of the main house's occupiers, usually because of an economic, social, or medical disadvantage.

Under current Victorian building laws, several requirements apply to granny flats (DPU's) and must be considered when you plan on adding one to your house.

The DPU may only be built on a property with a minimum size of 450m², and its construction must consider normal building restrictions. The DPU must be self-contained, with its own toilet, bath or shower, kitchen and living area. It must also have its own separate entrance. The sewerage and water services of the DPU must be shared with the primary house and not require its own points with municipal reticulation.

Finally, the DPU must be built so that it is movable or removable, as it must be removed as soon as the dependent ceases living in it. It is not legal to utilise the old granny flat for other purposes, like a hobby room or to rent it out for an extra income.

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